Cowgirls Are Forever

You Don't Have to Own a Horse to Own the Spirit

The inspiration for Cowgirls Are Forever emerged from an interview on NPR’s All Things Considered. They were doing a story on The National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame, in Fort Worth. A sound bite of a previously recorded interview with Connie Douglas Reeves, a 101 year old Cowgirl Hall of Fame honoree, came over the radio. Her spirit was palpable. Bold, determined and independent, Connie spoke about growing up at Camp Waldemar in Texas, where she taught four generations of women and girls how to ride. She would tell them all to, “saddle your own horse.” These words and Connie touched a chord. Intrigued by her strength and her story, we went to the museum and uncovered what was for us an unknown world. Why, as educated American women were we unaware that this culture existed and is thriving today. The question was too important to ignore. In that moment, the idea for a film about the American cowgirl was born.