Cowgirls Are Forever

You Don't Have to Own a Horse to Own the Spirit


Cowgirls Are Forever is a dynamic movement that honors and preserves a cultural legacy, inspiring women and girls to find their authentic power and most courageous selves—by connecting with the bold, independent spirit of the American cowgirl. 


The Cowgirls Are Forever project is spearheaded by a feature length documentary film, a springboard for a multi-platform enterprise that celebrates the strength and dynamism of cowgirl culture and the spirit it embodies. It will impassion women and girls from all walks of life to realize their strength and potential through engaging storytelling, education, and community building.




Cowgirls Are Forever, is the first feature-length documentary to illustrate the evolution of the cowgirl, and how her spirit and accomplishments have impacted contemporary American culture in music, art, literature, photography, entertainment, government, fashion, conservation, animal rights, business and of course, ranching and rodeo. It will weave together stories of survival, adventure and strength, complemented with archival footage and photographs that transcend time.

As Americans continue to re-examine the history of the West and its influence on society, the cowgirl has emerged as a role model for millions. She’s a potent archetype of strength, courage, wisdom, passion and perseverance. The bold cowgirl follows her heart, “Saddles her Own Horse” and isn’t afraid to buck the norm. Her story is as much a part of the fabric of American history as Norman Rockwell, Andrew Carnegie, and Jessie James. Today, the cowgirl continues to blaze new trails in all aspects American life. Cowgirls Are Forever honors her powerful legacy, keeping alive a rich American story that has yet to be told in a landmark film.